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Grants perfect mobility in your building.

A dream home

Gen2 Home

Grants perfect mobility in your building.


Gen2 Home is the perfect match for detached houses and smaller buildings. Meeting all requirements for living mobility the lift brings you to the next level.


With up to 10 drives after a complete shutdown because of the switch option Gen2 Home grants full mobility, in your house and and secures barriereless movement.


It is your decision how your Gen2 Home looks like. Choose from various colours and surfaces to create your own space.


Equipped with the latest elevator technology the Gen2 Home delivers a very smooth and quiet drive. For now and for many years.
Because we care about your mobility.
Gen2 Home

Because we care about your mobility.

Gen2 Home is the perfect solution for private buildings and combines design, safety and availability for unachieved mobility. Its sustainable production and the efficiency support your green approach.


The first platform lift for buildings with low traffic that incorporates the Gen2 traction system patented by Otis and replaces traditional steel ropes with flexible steel belts coated in polyurethane. The compact machine, with a weight of 53 kg, is housed in the hoistway which means a machine room is no longer necessary, thus offering considerable construction savings. Its exclusive technology provides energy savings of up to 70% compared with hydraulic lifts.


The flat belts are 20% lighter and last up to 3 times longer than conventional wire ropes. For your peace of mind, as an option, the Gen2 Home is equiped with an independent power system that, in case of a sudden cut, can make up to 10 trips without connection to the grid.


There are various surface and colours, for you to customise the look. The modern ambience of the car allows you to impress your audience by creating additional room in your building.


The Gen2 Home provides an exceptionally smooth, quiet ride thanks to the polyurethane-coated steel belts that eliminate metal to metal noise. The smooth startup and deceleration as well as the outstanding stopping accuracy, provided by the variable frequency drive, make the Gen2 Home the perfect platform lift for the home.
Gen2 Home

Modern Technology
drives the comfort.

Timeless Design - Panels
Gen2 Home

Choose out of a wide range of colours and materials.


PANEL | Stainless Steel

Timeless Design - Panels
Gen2 Home

Chose out of a wide range of colours and materials.

Flooring | Rubber

Rubber | Stone

Timeless Design - Components
Gen2 Home

Most important components to choose...

Automatic doors: 2 panels

Screen Inside

Screen Inside

Landing Fixture








Technical overview
Gen2 Home

Technical overview

Basic Configuration

  • In the event of an electrical power cut, the EAR device (Automatic Rescue System) moves the car to a landing thus avoiding the possibility of trapped passengers.
  • Stop button in the car operating panel panel (only without car door).
  • External communication system.
  • Access protection. In the absence of car doors, an invisible screen of infrared beams acts as a safety net.
  • Automatic car lighting shut down. When the platform lift is not in use, after a certain period of time the car lighting switches off and remains off until it is put into operation again.


  • Smart home functionalities
  • Position indicator at the stop
  • Switch Option: Up to 10 drives after shutdown


  • Silent.
  • Located in the door column on the top floor.
  • It can be moved up to 15 m.
  • Measurements: 330 mm wide x 95 mm deep x 2100 mm high.
costs & maintenance
Gen2 Home


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Every project is unique. That’s why you’ll have a single field contact at Otis throughout the entirety of your project. They will help with coordination to make your project faster and more efficient.
About Otis
Gen2 Home

About Otis

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Gen2 Home


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Gen2 Home


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